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Southeast Team Master Plan Of Evaluation - 1814 Words

Southeast Team Master Plan of Evaluation A master plan of evaluation serves to meet the expectations standards of academia. The plan is designed to track and measure the success of the planned outcomes and organized around an evaluation model and theory set by the program designers (Keating, 2015). Furthermore, as a systematic and written document, the master plan is usually based on evaluation frameworks, which guide the activities for gathering and analyzing data. The plan provides the tools for continuous evaluation to identify successes and shortcomings of the program (Ellis, 2016). In continuation, this paper will present the third part of the course project outline for the Southeast region curriculum plan. The paper will focus on the evaluation approach that will be used for Tampa General Hospital’s (TGH) 2016 Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) Improvement Education for Bedside Nurses Program. The paper will describe the selected curricular components to be evaluated , demonstrate how The Three Cs Model will serve as its framework, explain chosen evaluation strategies, and intentions to seek approval as a continuing education provider and conclude with the basis for the Master Plan of Evaluation. Curriculum Component for Evaluation The five core curriculum components will be evaluated during the execution, and outcome of the designed program to improve HCAHPS scores. All five curriculum sessions encompass the patient’sShow MoreRelatedBusiness Administration1721 Words   |  7 Pageswas a child, I had a group of friends, and I liked to be the leader. In addition, my friends used to select me as the leader of the team because of my skills. I used to select the game to play, and I liked to watch over my friends. Also, I used to practice volleyball, and I was the captain of the team. I always liked to be in control, directing and handling the team. I learned to be organized on an early age. I learned how to manage my time to go to school on time, to practice ballet, go to volleyballRead MoreThe Importance Of Knowledge Program836 Words   |  4 Pagescommitment to continuous improvement of educational effectiveness as reflected in student learning outcomes. Recognition ceremonies expanded Diversity Advocacy hosted the first graduation celebration for Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, and Southeast Asian students. This celebration, along with Nuestros Logros, Lavender Graduation, and Umoja, offers an opportunity for underrepresented students to celebrate their accomplishments and graduation. Sport Club Leadership Series The Competitive SportsRead MorePolitics and Security in Southeast Asia: Terrorists, Gangsters and the State3078 Words   |  13 PagesPolitics and Security in Southeast Asia: Terrorists, Gangsters and the State Name Course Date The issue of security and corruption are related because of how they influence each other. Over the passage of time, the security forces in various countries have compromised their ethical behavior to try and gain wealth. As such, they end up compromising the safety of a country and putting the welfare of the citizens at stake. It is imperativeRead MoreOld Chang Kee6981 Words   |  28 Pagesanalysis of the external factors of the new market, proposed entry strategy and internalization of marketing mix. The marketing objectives set for this study will remark on an increase of 15% of total international sales of Old Chang Kee’s products. Master franchising is chosen because it provides an easier entry to Thailand food industry and is cost-efficiency compared to fully owned subsidiaries system. The factor that may hinder the business growth is the political instability and the high levelRead MoreTesla Motors Project Proposal5504 Words   |  23 Pagesand electric power trains in the world. Tesla Motors do not compromise on innovation, performance, or appeal. Nor does Tesla Motors compromise commitment to hiring and developing the best from around the world. Tesla Motors work in small, focused teams, which much like our products are agile, efficient, and focused on excellence. Tesla Motors are driven by work that contributes to a global impact and are passionate about our future in the automotive industry. The pace is fast, the work is stimulatingRead MoreHuman Resource Management Project4800 Words   |  20 PagesIntroduction 2 2. People Management 3 2.1. Line-managers training program 4 2.2. Motivating line managers 6 3. Diverse Workforce 6 3.1. Importance of Diverse Workforce 7 3.2. Challenges of Cultural Diversity 8 4. Teamwork Training 10 5. Evaluation and Appraisal 12 6. Conclusion 13 APPENDIX 14 Teamwork training course 14 Budget 26 REFERENCES 26 Introduction People Management Line managers play an important roleRead MoreHuman Resource Management Project4812 Words   |  20 PagesIntroduction 2 2. People Management 3 2.1. Line-managers training program 4 2.2. Motivating line managers 6 3. Diverse Workforce 6 3.1. Importance of Diverse Workforce 7 3.2. Challenges of Cultural Diversity 8 4. Teamwork Training 10 5. Evaluation and Appraisal 12 6. Conclusion 13 APPENDIX 14 Teamwork training course 14 Budget 26 REFERENCES 26 Introduction People Management Line managers play an important role in the management of any organizationRead MoreWhats Stifling Creativity at Coolburst Essays4214 Words   |  17 PagesWhat’s Stifling Creativity At September 20, 2008 Case One Team Three Pauline Respress, Denise Wilson, Matt Harden and Allen Linton Executive Summary CoolBurst is a conservative company which undermines creativity in an effort to maximize production and control. The company values its traditional culture, has a â€Å"if it’s not broken, don’t fix it† philosophy, and does not view innovation as a normal part of business. By not capitalizing on the ingeniousRead MoreProject Management in the Energy Industry-Comparing Two Projects3704 Words   |  15 PagesLucie Unit 2 - Overview St. Lucie Unit 2 is located on Hutchinson Island (Appendix A), southeast of Ft. Pierce, Florida (St Lucie Plant, 2010). This project is an 8.8 percent ownership interest, 838 -megawatt (MW) nuclear power plant operated by Florida Power Light (FPL) and licensed to operate until 2043. (St. Lucie Project, 2003). The nuclear power industry has been having issues for decades and no plans for any new plants are in the forecast. (Derrickson, 1998, p. 401). Articles stating theRead MoreDarden Mba Resumes16768 Words   |  68 PagesFirst Year Resume Book 2009-2010 ABHINAV AGRAWAL 105 Ivy Drive Apt 09 ï‚ · Charlottesville, VA 22903 ï‚ · (434) 249-7645 ï‚ · EDUCATION Darden Graduate School of Business Administration University of Virginia Candidate for Master of Business Administration, May 2011 ï‚ · Awarded Batten Innovation Scholarship (merit-based full tuition scholarship); ï‚ · GMAT: 730; AWA: 5.5 ï‚ · Member of Finance Club, Energy Club and Darden Capital Management Club Charlottesville, VA Nanyang Technological

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These Wildfires Set the Country on Fire

Recent fires that weve seen in the news are considered some of the worst America has had in many years. But just how do these fires compare in size to others in U.S. history? What were some of the other largest fires in U.S. history? 10. Wallow Fire. Named for the Bear Wallow Wilderness Area where the fire originated, the Wallow Fire burned 538,049 acres in Arizona and New Mexico in 2011. It was caused by an abandoned campfire. The Wallow fire caused the evacuation of more than 6,000 people as well as the destruction of 32 homes, four commercial buildings and 36 outbuildings.  The estimated cost of damages was $109 million. 9.  Murphy Complex Fire. This fire was actually a combination of six  wildfires  that merged together to create one  huge blaze. The Murphy Complex Fire hit Idaho and Nevada in 2007, burning roughly 653,100 acres. 8.  Yellowstone Fires. When most people think about wildfire, they think about the destructive Yellowstone Fires of 1988 that burned 793,880 acres in Montana and Wyoming. Similar to the Murphy Complex Fire, the Yellowstone Fire began as many small fires that merged into one large conflagration. Due to the fire, Yellowstone National Park was closed to all non-emergency personnel for the first time in the parks history. 7. Silverton Fire. Burning 1 million acres in 1865, the Silverton Fire remains the worst recorded fire in Oregon states history. 6. Peshtigo Fire. You have probably heard of the Great Chicago Fire that took place on October 8, 1871. But you may not have realized that there were other, far more destructive blazes that happened on the very same day. One of these was the Peshtigo Fire that burned 1.2 million acres in Wisconsin and killed over 1,700 people. This fire still carries the dubious distinction of being the cause of the most human deaths by fire in U.S. history.   5. Taylor Complex Fire. The year 2004 was a devastating year for Alaska in terms of wildfires. The 1.3 million acres burned in the Taylor Complex Fire were just a small portion of the 6.6 million acres burned elsewhere in the state.   4. California Summer Fires of 2008. So much of California was burning in 2008 that all of the fires were merged together to include more than 1.5 million acres of burned California land. In all, there were 4,108 fires that burned in California during the summer of 2008. Nearly 100 of these fires burned more than 1,000 and many burned tens or even hundreds of thousands of acres.   3. Great Michigan Fire. Like the Peshtigo Fire, the Great Michigan Fire was overshadowed by the Great Chicago Fire that blazed on the same day. The Great Michigan Fire burned 2.5 million acres in Michigan, destroying thousands of homes and businesses in its path. 2. and 1. The Great Fire of 1910 and the Miramichi Fire of 1825.  These two fires tie for being the largest wildland fires in U.S. history. The Great Fire of 1910 included 78 wildfires that burned 3 million acres in Idaho, Montana, and Washington, killing 86 people. The Miramichi Fire burned 3 million acres in Maine and New Brunswick, killing 160 people.

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Man’s Domination Over Woman in Kate Chopins Desirees...

Man’s Domination Over Woman in Desiree’s Baby Differences between people create conflicts between people. This is especially true between men and women, since throughout history society has viewed women as subservient to men. Kate Chopin’s feminist short story, Desiree’s Baby, illustrates man’s domination over woman. Since Desiree meekly accepts being ruled by Armand, and Armand regards Desiree as his possession, the master/slave relationship that exists between Armand and Desiree is undeniable. Armand believes that since he possesses a superior social position than does Desiree, he is at liberty to be master over her. As a plantation owner and a descendant of the Aubigny family which bears one of the oldest and proudest†¦show more content†¦Desiree is therefore not oblivious to Armand’s’ thoughts, so she must know that she is subservient to Armand. The fact that Desiree and Armand are both aware of Desiree’s subservience strengthens the master/slave relationship. Yet it is not until Armand believes that Desiree is black that he fully dominates her simply by thinking that he is superior. At this point, â€Å"when he spoke to her, it was with averted eyes, from which the old love-light seemed to have gone out† (317). Armand feels that he is too superior to Desiree to devote his full attention to her. Since he no longer expresses his love for Desiree, she feels further pushed into a slave-like position in the relationship, and, â€Å"was miserable enough to die† (318). Desiree is dependent upon Armand like a slave to a master. Her unconditional love for Armand despite her subordinate position in the relationship illustrates how truly dependent she is upon him. â€Å"Marriage, and later the birth of his son had softened Armand Aubigny’s imperious and exacting nature greatly. This was what made the gentle Desiree so happy, for she loved him desperately.† (317). The fact that Desiree derives her happiness from pleasing Armand shows that she is not only his slave, but also that she helps to put herself into this position. â€Å"When he frowned she trembled, but loved him† (317). Desiree’s simultaneous fear and love of Armand elevates him to a god-like status inShow MoreRelatedDesiree s Baby By Kate Chopin1419 Words   |  6 PagesIn Kate Chopin’s story, â€Å"Desiree’s Baby,† written during the 19th century, Desiree is concerned that her child is of a distinct racial background. Her spouse, Armand, blames and accuses her of being half African-American. The worst problem she could ever imagine is to leave the one she admires the most, her husband. Feminist interpretation refers to the relationships encountered between separate genders. Like the article â€Å"Literary Theory† states, feminist interpretation presents the order of â€Å"behavior

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Synthesizing Supply Chain Systems Strategy

Question: Discuss about the Synthesizing Supply Chain Systems Strategy. Answer: Introduction This study deals with strategic information systems. In this particular assignment, proper emphasis has been given on illustrating the various types of software applications that are used by business concerns such as WiseTech Global that is based in Australia (Willcocks 2013). WiseTech Global is one of the innovative and multi-award winning global developers of cloud-based software solutions for the domestic logistics as well as international industries. WiseTech Global has more than 6000 customers across 7000 sites in more than 125 countries. It is the software solutions that are renowned for their powerful productivity, deep compliance capabilities as well as comprehensive integration and extensive functionality Arvidsson, Holmstrm and Lyytinen 2014). The current paper introduces the company WiseTech Global who should use MYOB software solutions to their potential client base. Furthermore, the present segment explains various challenges that are encountered by the users of accounti ng software as well as importance of selecting the most relevant accounting software for the business after understanding the advantages and disadvantages at the same time (Whittington 2014). There are various types of accounting packages that are used by business firms and depends upon meeting the business requirements of the business in and across Australia. Addition to that, personal accounting software are mainly used by small business where home users are simple and it is inexpensive with simple operations like handling budgets (Stair and Reynolds 2013). There is low-end software especially for small business that has the potential for serving small domestic market. Furthermore, there is mid-marketing accounting software that is mainly utilized by Business Corporation with large scale of business. Therefore, this software has the ability for catering to the needs of multiple domestic accounting standards as well as principles that enhances the accounting in given currencies Arvidsson, Holmstrm and Lyytinen 2014). Accounting software is one of the software application software that records as well as process accounting transactions within functional modules like payroll, accounts receivable, payroll, accounts payable, trial as well as general ledger. It functions like an accounting information system (Shapiro and Varian 2013). This will be developed by an organization through purchase from a third-party or combining of third-party application software package with local modifications. Therefore, accounting software may be online based that is accessed everywhere. Accounting software companies uses accounting software paid for on a monthly recurring charge instead of an upfront license fee (Arvidsson, Holmstrm and Lyytinen 2014). Current Organizational Structure WiseTech Global was founded in the year 1994 and operated in Sydney, Australia. The company is one of the leading international logistics industries in technology innovation. The company operates in offices in countries such as Australia, China, United Kingdom, United States as well as China and New Zealand (Rainer et al. 2013). The company acts as an innovator where they use software as well as hardware for solving problems and creating new ways of working and living. The company uses latest software tools as well as best hardware platforms by delivering solutions that make significant difference to customers, staff members, partners as well as shareholders in a logistics industry (Hirschheim, Heinzl and Dibbern 2013). By using the hierarchical organizational structure by WiseTech Global, they face various organizational problems. The organizational problem involves communication across different sections can be poor in case of horizontal communication. WiseTech Global can be bureaucratic and respond slowly that changes the customer needs as well as market within which the business operates (Par et al. 2015). By using organizational structure, departments can make decisions that get benefits rather than the business as a whole. Accounting software packages Intuit Quick Books is one of the popular accounting software packages that are mainly adopted by small enterprises that are based in Australia. It is used for tracking the profit figures as well as costs and income of the business enterprise. MYOB is one of the accounting software that is used in Australia that mainly performs additional functions rather than simple functioning as accounting software (Hirschheim, Heinzl and Dibbern 2013). Addition to that, MYOB was initially developed for various accounting features. This accounting software will assist the proprietors of business enterprises for boosting the profitability as well as arriving at successful business decisions in order to gain real time view of the pecuniary operations of business organization. Reckon is other accounting software that is used by Australian firms. It helps in providing high quality accounting software for the business enterprise firms that is based in Australia. This particular accounting software rende rs affordable cloud accounting software for SMEs in and across Australia (Gorla and Somers 2014). Therefore, the accounting software provides a platform that has a platform where Reckon Pay as it helps in receiving debit or credit of card bills through means of cell phones. Preparing a system flowchart of the sales procedures for the company WiseTech Global Activities Sales Process Introducing as well as designing of new process Research Management Security and Information access level identification Knowledge Management Optimizing as well as improving existing process Move Order Procurement Defining as well as structuring existing process Network Deployment Organization Development New Employee Introduction Project Management and Control Redistributing functions within the Departments Removing Accounting functions from warehouse function from sales and warehouse Control problems in the system and what sorts of fraud are possible in the system At WiseTech Global, there are certain frauds that are recognized in the current accounting system. Employee Fraud is one of the significant problems that are faced by WiseTech Global of all types, sizes as well as location and industries (Galliers and Leidner 2014). There are various frauds that is committed by employees. According to research, it shows that typical organization loses 5% of its annual revenue every year because of employee fraud. It is necessary to prevent as well as detect this loss as soon as possible. WiseTech Global should have a plan for preventing the fraud by implementing accounting software such as MYOB so that fraud is reduced (Arvidsson, Holmstrm and Lyytinen 2014). There has been current development present in the accounting software packages where business firms makes payments based on the level of commitment in terms of payment to clients through rendering exhaustic invoice prints that are actually automatically generated by using the software (Galegher, Kraut and Egido 2014). In that case, software for accounting are mainly developed in proper manner where the software help in delivering high standard solutions to diverse scale business concerns. Furthermore, it is necessary to involve in huge development that has been attained in area where it can provide proper security procedures as well as systems of software especially for accounting for making the data secure and dependable at the same time. Therefore, the developers actually makes the packages easy for utilizing the software packages that involve more clients for making use of further dispensation in an effective way (Cassidy 2016). In such cases, packages of software accounting after proper improvement and growth are majorly utilized by the business that is based in Australia. Addition to that, there have been acquiring of cloud applications that are adopted by different firms based in Australia. It is noted that software accounting are been taken by business holders where are software are less expensive and many effective uses at the same time (Burrough et al. 2015). On the contrary, it is also been criticized by some of the clients in the beginning when it takes into consideration the security concerns aligning with the technological development. In that case, people started evaluating the software that are designed as well as developed by the originators of Australia. The accounting software is considered as one of the important software that is important for management of data after arriving at better outcomes (Arvidsson, Holmstrm and Lyytinen 2014). From the reports that are presented by MYOB for the period 2015, MYOB is exceptionally voted by small enterprises as it is simple software that employs various bookkeeping data structure (Boonstra 2013). Furthermore, MYOB has been designed as an accounting mechanism that is easy to utilize as well as time-saving where it help to keep financial budgetary reports in accordance to the commitments as well as financial procedures. The progression of the MYOB software is empowered by the possible of MYOB Corporation as it merges with the various trade concerns in the area. Hence, adopting the accounting software will help in enhancing the execution of an item that is utilized as a fraction of Australia (Baskerville and Wood-Harper 2016). MYOB system of accounting can be utilized by more than 26000 medium business medium business enterprises as well as reflects upon 142000 that is 60% of all business concerns in the market of Australia. It is more than 20% customers of the commercial business enterprise that utilize mainly for uploading programs as well as attaching price is around 40% (Arvidsson, Holmstrm and Lyytinen 2014). Identification of leaders in the market and what is the competitive advantage The use of MYOB accounting software is preferable in both small as well as medium sized business enterprise that is based in Australia. It is understood that SMEs are now the leaders in the country such as Australia (Hirschheim, Heinzl and Dibbern 2013). The leaders actually use accounting software for generating a steady environment of business. XERO is other leader of accounting software that is a leading issuer of accounting software packages in a given market section that indicate a huge share of the entire firm that is based on Australia. Furthermore, XERO has third party package of solutions that assimilate with the online platform. This accounting software permits small agencies for undertaking incorporated business that is customized for industries (Hirschheim, Heinzl and Dibbern 2013). MYOB is accounting software that helps in gaining competitive advantage as well as edge over the players. This accounting software should be used by WiseTech Global as the software has the ability to interface the platform that acts both online and offline. Hence, MYOB has mostly inspired SMEs that is located in Australia for gaining the competitive advantage with other layers functioning in the market (Hirschheim, Heinzl and Dibbern 2013). Identifying the current gaps or challenges encountered by users or customers of accounting software or packages The leading software as well as application packages is mainly cloud-based and difficult for transferring to cloud-based in case of WiseTech Global. One of the major concerns that need to be taken into consideration is linked to the security of various records that is one of the critical elements in WiseTech Global. The online content that is present within WiseTech Global might be prone to hack, fraud and threat where it needs excessive level of security adaptation. Furthermore, it is noted that software packages like MYOB and XERO is subjected to diverse security concerns. Around 46% MYOB applications gets affected by hacking. Use of this software package needs training to the staff members of the business enterprise who perform practical course of action (Hirschheim, Heinzl and Dibbern 2013). Therefore, WiseTech Global fails to gain benefits out of the online accounting system because the company does not have qualified personnel. Conclusion At the end of the study, it is concluded that it is necessary to understand various types of software applications that are utilized in business concerns that are essential for accounting in and across the Australia. Addition to that, there are several accounting software from which WiseTech Global can select the best appropriate one. From the above analysis, it is noted that current study provides proper insights of information on history, development and adoption of software applications for accounting in reference to WiseTech Global. MYOB and XERO are two accounting softwares can be used by business enterprise. The study even identifies the leaders on the market, competitive advantage as well as current size and share of the market where challenges are encountered by the end users who uses the software applications. Reference List Arvidsson, V., Holmstrm, J. and Lyytinen, K., 2014. Information systems use as strategy practice: A multi-dimensional view of strategic information system implementation and use. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 23(1), pp.45-61. Baskerville, R.L. and Wood-Harper, A.T., 2016. A critical perspective on action research as a method for information systems research. In Enacting Research Methods in Information Systems: Volume 2 (pp. 169-190). Springer International Publishing. Boonstra, A., 2013. How do top managers support strategic information system projects and why do they sometimes withhold this support?. International Journal of Project Management, 31(4), pp.498-512. Burrough, P.A., McDonnell, R., McDonnell, R.A. and Lloyd, C.D., 2015. Principles of geographical information systems. Oxford University Press. Cassidy, A., 2016. A practical guide to information systems strategic planning. CRC press. Galegher, J., Kraut, R.E. and Egido, C., 2014. Intellectual teamwork: Social and technological foundations of cooperative work. Psychology Press. Galliers, R.D. and Leidner, D.E., 2014. Strategic information management: challenges and strategies in managing information systems. Routledge. Gorla, N. and Somers, T.M., 2014. The impact of IT outsourcing on information systems success. Information Management, 51(3), pp.320-335. Hirschheim, R., Heinzl, A. and Dibbern, J. eds., 2013. Information Systems Outsourcing: enduring themes, emergent patterns and future directions. Springer Science Business Media. Par, G., Trudel, M.C., Jaana, M. and Kitsiou, S., 2015. Synthesizing information systems knowledge: A typology of literature reviews. Information Management, 52(2), pp.183-199. Qrunfleh, S. and Tarafdar, M., 2014. Supply chain information systems strategy: Impacts on supply chain performance and firm performance. International Journal of Production Economics, 147, pp.340-350. Rainer, R.K., Cegielski, C.G., Splettstoesser-Hogeterp, I. and Sanchez-Rodriguez, C., 2013. Introduction to information systems. John Wiley Sons. Shapiro, C. and Varian, H.R., 2013. Information rules: a strategic guide to the network economy. Harvard Business Press. Stair, R. and Reynolds, G., 2013. Principles of information systems. Cengage Learning. Whittington, R., 2014. Information systems strategy and strategy-as-practice: a joint agenda. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 23(1), pp.87-91. Willcocks, L., 2013. Information management: the evaluation of information systems investments. Springer.

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Young people today are less dependent on their parents free essay sample

Young people today are less dependent on their parents than in the past. whether young people today depend more on their parents then in the past has generated considerable discussion among educator, futurists and parents. In my opinion, nowadays young people are more depends on their parents for their life on working, and financial aid. There are two examples. First, since young people have more and more pressure on their way of finding a good career, they can not easily to find a job as before. At that time, many of their parents try to use their own relationship to help their children to find a better Job. For example, my neighbor Alice, a young lady who Just graduated from the university, tried to find a Job for a long time. Because the university that she studied in is not so good, and her major is not easy to get a job, she told her parents about her situation and difficulties. We will write a custom essay sample on Young people today are less dependent on their parents or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page After that, her parents found their old friend to help her Job. Finally, she got a pretty nice Job by their parents relationship. Obviously, young people may have to depend on their parents ore on getting a great career by using the relationship that their parents had. Second, young people may have to let their parents help them with the financial aid, so they are more depend on their parents. In other word, more and more young peopler may feel hard to be independent if they want to study abroad or start their own work on a big project by using their poor property. Take my elder brother as an example, he wants to have his own coffee shop in order to get more money. Because he does not has high income from his Job, he does not have large amount of deposit. He tried to borrow money from his friend, but the amount to open a coffee shop is still enough. Under the helpless, he shows his parents about his dream. His parents agrees to borrow money to him, and now he pay off all the loan from his friends and parents. Therefore, young people still need their parents helping on financial. To summarize, although young people nowadays are more success on their work, I still believe that they still depend on their work opportunities and financial. Because they have more pressure to compete with each other, they may need their parents help.

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Family Violence

Family Violence Violence, like charity, often begins at home. The roots and the causes of violent activity inpeople's lives frequently lie in their earliest experiences. It is well known that acts of aggression andassault go from generation to generation, and that dealing with the problems that arise from violentactivities among members of families really means dealing with the familites themselves andunderstanding them from generation to generation.This paper deals wih the violent confrontations that occur in otherwise ordinary appearingfamilies. Everyone is potentially a victim of someone else's anger, rage, confusion, and fear. It canstart in the earliest days of infancy with mothers who are afraid of children, don't know how to raisethem, feel inadequate to the task and overwhelmed. It continues with parents who don't know howto control young children, because the children are too active, too energetic, too precocious, orbecause the parents allow them to get out of control.City of Fresno domesti c violence statistics.Severe consequences of violence may occur depending on the severity, frequency and escalation. Some of the reported complications include; bruises, knife wounds, pelvic pain, headaches, back pain, broken bones, gynecological disorders, low birth weight babies, perinatal deaths, sexually transmitted diseases, Central nervous system disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and heart or circulatory disorders. Victims can also experience symptoms of posttraumatic stress syndrome such as emotional detachment, sleep problems, and flashbacks. Women with a history of violence have a higher risk of alcoholism, substance abuse and suicide attempts. They also tend to have unhealthy diet behaviors and overuse the healthcare system.Roy's' Adaptation Model/Domestic ViolenceSister Callista Roy's Adaptation model covers modes, which include physiological or physical mode, self-concept mode, role function mode, and interdependence mode.Physiological/Physical ModeWhat are the capa bilities to meet the basic survival needs of the family members? Are they able...

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Social Contract Theory by John Locke Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Social Contract Theory by John Locke - Essay Example Consequently, there is an automatic bound between different individuals, who are bound by the social contract principles. In accordance with the principles of the social contract, there are basic duties, which have their roots in the very nature of human beings. The social contract theory is one of the greatest contributions made by John Locke (1690-1986). The American government has taken much from this philosopher’s ideas. The effective power of the governmental authorities contributes much to the development of the society: â€Å"So while Locke might admit some governments come about by force or violence, he would be destroying the most central and vital distinction, between legitimate and illegitimate civil government† (Frodeman & Mitcham, 2000). John Locke claims that people are closely related to the criminal justice system because they have their right to represent themselves in the courts. It is relevant to the modern society when citizens violate the laws they are brought to justice by courts. The main principles of the modern criminal justice system are taken from Locke’s principles of social contract theory. From Locke’s perspective, the rights of citizens can be outlined in the following phrase: â€Å"We give up our right to ourselves exact retribution for crimes in return for impartial justice backed by overwhelming force. We retain the right to life and liberty and gain the right to just, impartial protection of our property† (cited by Grant, 2000). In such a way, John Locke has concluded that it is natural for people to gain the right to protect their property in return they sacrifice their liberty and the right to just. Nevertheless, John Locke underlines that men have their rights by their nature. Therefore, humane principles of the Bill of Rights and the roots of the American Revolution can be found in the ideas of Locke.